Casatella Trevigiana D.O.P. on a bed of rocket, pine nuts and toasted garlic bread

Tomasoni product
Tomasoni product
20 croutons
800g of Tomasoni Casatella D.O.P.
400g of rocket
1/2 dl of extra virgin olive oil
100g of pine nuts
Salt and white pepper
Juice of two lemons
1 lemon rind
200g of radishes Garlic. DI
Side dish

Lavate, grondate e disponete la rucola sui piatti.In un contenitore a bordi alti versate l'olio, metà dei pinoli, poco sale e pepe, il succo e la scorza di limone.Con il frullatore ad immersione emulsionate il compostoe poi versate la salsa a filo sul letto di rucola.

Wash and drain the rocket then place it on a dish. Pour the oil into a tall-rimmed container together with half the pine nuts, some salt and pepper, the lemon juice and the lemon rind. Blend into a compost and pour it gently over the bed of rocket. Lay the Casatella on top. Sprinkle over the pine nuts and decorate with some olive oil and sliced radishes. Heat the bread at the last minute, rub garlic onto it and serve. As a variation you can change the leafy vegetables used or the sauce. Depending on the season you can use oranges, aromatic herbs or pink grapefruit.

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