Courgette rolls with prosciutto crudo ham and Robiola

Tomasoni product
Tomasoni product
100g of robiola Tomasoni
1 spoon of minced chives
40g of prosciutto crudo ham
Ground black pepper
Second course

Mondate le zucchine e tagliate, nel senso della lunghezza, 12 fette dello spessore di 2-3 mm. Mettere a scaldare sul fuoco una bistecchiera di ghisa, adagiatevi le fette di zucchine, grigliandole 1-2 minuti per parte.

Wash the courgettes and cut longways into 12 slices 2-3mm thick. Heat an iron skillet and cook the slices of courgettes, 1-2 minutes per side. In a bowl place the robiola, the chives, the pepper and the fine minced prosciutto crudo ham, mix well until creamy. Leave to settle in the fridge for 15 minutes. Spread the compost over the cold courgettes, roll them up and serve with a garnishing of chives.

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