Formaggio dalla pasta compatta e friabile, di colore bianco e prodotto con latte veneto di capra al 100%. Il Capriccio di Capra Tomasoni, dal sapore aromatico, dal gusto inconfondibile e sfizioso versatile in cucina, in superficie questo formaggio di capra presenta in evidenza i segni del canestro di giunco dove per tradizione viene sistemata la cagliata.

Cheese with a compact but brittle white texture, made of 100% goat's milk. Naturally aromatic, with a unique, fancy taste, Capriccio di Capra Tomasoni is a good companion for your creativity in cooking. The outer surface presents the signs of a reed basket, in which the curd is traditionally placed. Thanks to the aging, the product has a good compactness and a tasty and appetizing appearance. It is the goat cheese for the finest gourmand, tasty and wholesome, suitable for every occasion; it preserves all the distinguishing features of lightness and digestibility typical of 100% goat cheese.

Name Capriccio di Capra 2,5 kg (Goat Caprice)
Flavour Milky, typical of goat’s milk products, pleasant, delicate
Texture Compact
Conservation Between 0 and +4°C
Ingredients Goat’s milk, salt , milk enzymes, rennet
Allergens Milk


Energy 347/1442 kcal/kJ
Fat 27,5 g
Carbohydrate 0,75 g
Protein 24,0 g

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