In una mattina d'inverno del 1957, Primo Tomasoni e la moglie Annamaria entrano nel piccolo caseificio dove avevano messo a maturare la loro Casatella, tipica e prelibata formagella veneta.

In a winter morning in 1957, Primo Tomasoni and his wife Annamaria arrived at their small creamery, where they had prepared their Casatella and left it to mature. They were surprised in seeing that the texture is creamier than usual. The previous night Annamaria, in a moment of distraction, had accidentally modified the recipe. They tasted the cream and were amazed to see that the flavour was mild and delicate, very similar to cream. That is how the first unique true Pannarello Tomasoni, was created, the cheese which everybody tries to forge, unsuccessfully. A thin slice in the Risotto, added when cooked, makes it creamy; in Lasagne, it melts. Appreciated by the finest gourmand, Panarello is still a source of pride for Tomasoni' s Creamery.

Name Pannarello
Flavour Mild, similar to cream
Texture Compact
Conservation Max +4°C
Ingredients Milk, salt, rennet.
Allergens Milk


Energy 377/1558 kcal/kJ
Fat 34,5 g
Carbohydrate 2,9 g
Protein 15,7 g

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