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  • I 60 anni del Caseificio Tomasoni



The origins of Caseificio Tomasoni date back to 1955, in the delightful countryside north of Treviso, when Primo Tomasoni, a dairyman from Brescia, took over an old farm located next to the river Piave, an area rich in history and natural beauty, with the intent of turning it into the headquarters of the dairy. He started producing fresh cheese, which he sold in the evening, after work; riding his Lambretta, he delivered it to local shops and wholesalers. Thanks to his passion and experience, and the support of his lovely and energetic wife Annamaria, in a few years he expanded the business. His best intuition was to create new, tasty fresh cheeses, such as Crema del Piave e la Casatella. An interesting story lies behind the creation of Pannarello, one of Tomasoni’s most imitated cheeses: in 1957 Annamaria accidentally changed the preparation of Casatella, not knowing that, from that mistake, an excellent new cheese had been created. Her recipe is still used to make Pannarello, a delicious creamy soft cheese, appreciated for its mild flavour and its soft texture. It is ideal tasted alone, in Lasagna or to finish the cooking of Risotto.

Nowadays, Primo’s children Moreno, Paola and Nicoletta are looking after Tomasoni’s tradition. United by great expertise and entrepreneurial skills, they continue their parents’ dream, combining the firm’s know-how with the latest techniques in food-processing. This combination of factors allows Caseificio Tomasoni to satisfy the challenging requests coming from consumers and their increasing awareness about the importance of a healthy diet. The new factory, located next to the old headquarters, was enlarged in 1996, following environmental sustainability and energy saving standards.

A passion for fresh cheese

The processing of milk undergoes careful laboratory analysis and a constant control of chemical, physical and bacteriological parameters, carried out with hi-tech machinery. Strict health and hygiene controls and several international certifications such as UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 safeguard the transparency of the quality of our products. The Tomasoni family works fresh milk every day and turns it into a unique and special product, creating high quality cheese and stracchini, without preservatives, appreciated for its light taste which reminds of fresh milk and the scent of hay.

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